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Wallpaper Removal in Southern Chester County, PA

Avondale Painting has been providing residential wallpaper removal services to surrounding communities for more than 15 years. You can trust us to get the job done right at an affordable cost. We also perform interior painting and drywall repairs. We return phone calls within 24-hours and email you a price quote within 48-hours of visiting your home.

Wallpaper Removal Avondale PA

Wallpaper Removal Company

There’s little argument that wallpaper removal is labor intensive! Tests your patience! Makes a mess! Avondale Painting will complete the job done efficiently, affordably and without mess.

We have developed a time-tested process to complete the work in a straight-forward manner without the use of chemicals. Once the paper is off the walls, we wash residual paste from the walls and repair any drywall imperfections. A coat of oil-base primer is then applied to seal the wall surface. After a light sanding, the walls are ready for a fresh coat of paint by our experienced painting company!

Ready to begin? Reach out to us to hear how we can efficiently remove dated wallcovering and freshen the space for you.

Why Hire a Wallpaper Removal Service?

  • Virtually any issue encountered has been experienced and can be resolved by a pro. Whatever conditions exist on your walls, he/she will have the tools and methods to remove the wallpaper effectively and efficiently.
  • Each type of wallpaper requires a specific removal method. Some papers are one-ply, others two-ply. Papers differ in their porosity which affects how easily the paper is removed.
  • When the wallpaper was hung and the methods used to apply it can make a big difference. Were the walls primed prior to application?
  • Some drywall damage may occur when the paper is removed. Professionals know how to complete the job with minimal damage.
  • Clean-up- Wet, soggy wallpaper scraps are not fun to deal with or to dispose of. Let Avondale Painting take care of it for you.
  • Cost- We all like to contain expenses. However, wallpaper removal for a novice could be a very time consuming job. If the paper doesn’t move easily the job could quickly become a nightmare. Consider the cost of your time away from usual activities, family, etc. when compared to hiring a professional.

Contact us today for thorough and efficient wallpaper removal. We provide high-quality painting services for homeowners in Avondale, Chadds Ford, Concordville, Kennett Square and Oxford, Pennsylvania, as well as Hockessin, Delaware, and the surrounding areas.

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